Early access ver. 1.0

It's time for some spelunking! 
But beware - this dungeon may have bugs. ( at this point literally and figuratively ) 

As you enter the cool dungeon's depths, your eyes behold a signpost, which spells

[ This game is in early access. It's still in development and the current version may be buggy or incomplete. ]

Certainly 't was put there for a reason.

That being said, 

We are proud to present to you an "early access version" of the game, free for download. Your feedback is much appreciated as it helps us to improve our project! We may not be able to implement all changes suggested to us ( mostly because hiring coders / programmers costs a lot of budget that unfortunately is not available at this point ) but if you find any bugs or glitches, we will do anything we can to fix those!

  • As this is still considered a "test" version, you are able to use the save function wherever you please. HOWEVER, this specific feature will be removed in the final game, so please keep that in mind. ; p
  • The game may or may not collapse into itself after around 5-6 hours in ( which is near the endgame). What happens there, or is supposed to happen there, is still in development. 
  • We recently added some playful visual effect to the combat screen, but did not perfectly set it up yet, as we are unsure if we will keep it in the final version.  
    And most important of all: Have fun!

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