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Cheers, kanpai and prost!
This is the -almost complete- version of "Pocket H" - a new, Game Boy graphics -inspired Hentai - (mini) game, that revolves around one intoxicating thing only: Booze. The sweet nectar of inebriation.

In this setting, you are a bartender and have to satisfy your customer's desires - but also, serve just responsibly enough to not overdo it.
Get it right for enough sessions, and you may also accept payment in... moist currency.

This game will mostly test your assessment skills and be a cerebral challenge.
You might learn through trial and error, as is tradition...

Please only play this game, if you are interested in alcohol fetish and hentai.

WARNING!  Everything about this game including its character is 18+, or even 21+, depending on where you live. Player discretion is advised. 
WARNING! The drinks in the game are purely fictional. Don't take the game as reference for real life.
WARNING! Alcohol can be dangerous and lead to accidents. Please drink responsibly! 


This game is currently unavailable


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What happened to the download? it says the game isn't available right now

Hello! Thank you for your interest - This game was only available on itch.io during the strawberry jam and voting. (free of course) If you are still interested, you can now support the game and its bonus content on gamejolt as i encountered unsolvable paypal issues with itch io.

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oh, that's great! I was just wondering where it went. Is it under the same name? Thank you for the response!

yes ( https://gamejolt.com/games/pocketh/595067 )


It's basically a puzzle game where you can't see any of the values in any of the information given. It's really not very fun just fucking around until you figure something out and seeing the game over screen 10+ times until you realize what's happening. Everything about the design feels counter intuitive because you have to spend trust points to restock but you literally cant afford to restock if you're trying to progress so if you fuck up you just don't make any progression at all. I realized there's a pattern with how much she says want's to drink and the combination of drinks you can do but once again isn't all that fun spending trust points to get a win to get back the point you just spent or trying to find a new combination with what you have and losing the point anyway. The concept is there, though. I feel like with more mechanics and depth this could go somewhere. Also not a fan of the cryptic shit just because. I'd rather just see the content than be given a scavenger hunt.


if you had kept the 'powered by MV' splash screen, it would have been a flex. went into more detail on the jam page but tldr this is phenomenal

Haha! Thank you very much. ^^ 


I gave up after a hour of gameplay and just went straight into the text file and find the pass there.

A very interesting idea of getting me to try and unlock that zip file.

i even try to open the image with notepad to see if there is a link or something, only link for the adobe website ;-;

Wow, that's very interesting! Thank you for the feedback! May I ask what text file you went to? I have never heard of that one. 

inside the game.exe directory.
open the folder

WWW -> Data -> Map008.json

search for "ZIP file key fragment"

Huh! That's some real-life hacker stuff right there, man... XD


I was able to finish the game a couple times and unlock the secret file. I'm a bit confused by what was in there though. Are you sure you've but the right thing?

Hello Side B! Wow, congratulations, amazing!
Did really not expect anyone trying to solve this so fast! ^^ 
One can try to look deeper into it - theoretically, what's there could lead to more.
But then again, that 'more part' isn't really all there yet, so... maybe a bit later, haha.
But man, thank you for checking out / testing the game!


It was a fun time. Very simple, but works out.
Also a very creative way to use the engine for something it wasn't meant to do.


Yes, it just one example of the engine's possibilities, aside from RPGs