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Summer Camp Of The Dead (SOTD) is a 2D side scrolling survival horror game in pixel style made for the pixel nightmare 2019 jam.
You take the roles of several kids in a summer camp that band together and fight for survival. It is a joined effort / collaboration between  *sub and *nebelstern - we've put together a playable version before the game jam ended. ~yay!

Left/Right: Move
Down: Hide/Enter Shelter
Shift (Hold): Jog
Shift (Tap Rapidly): Sprint
Z (Hold): Ready Attack
Z (Release): Attack
X: Search/Pick Up/Climb

Alt+Enter: Toggle Full Screen

Your goal in this demo (proof of concept) is to collect junk from the forest to fix a radio - a lofty goal, as there are many horrifying creatures around - and your means to defend yourself are very limited. You could hide in the bushes or behind barrels but... you also need to collect edible resources for those left behind in the shelter. 
If you can't keep up with demand, it's game over. 
You can switch between characters in the shelter. 

The final game will probably have a different (slower) pace and several, connected areas to search. There are also 3 more characters to come, with different weapons - And we also want to add more little touches like blood splashes, flavour texts and much more. 

This game was put together in just barely within the time limit. ^^  I'm proud of it for a 2 person collab. The game's a bit difficult but I hope you can enjoy it, too.  


SCotD (itch).rar 8 MB

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